SAM official supplier

 I am excited to announce that, starting from October, my jewelry will be available at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM).

The museum will host an interesting exhibition of Italian art.

The collection belongs to Museo Capodimonte, Naples.

Here is the link:

See you there!!!

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  1. Very exciting and well deserved Magda! Your unique jewelry designs are the perfect bridge between Italy and Seattle!

    Anson Hetland
    09/19/2019 Reply
  2. Congratulations Magda ! You diserve it .

    09/19/2019 Reply
  3. YAY!! So happy for this new foray into your beautiful and one of a kind jewelry creations. All the best to you! Seattle will love you.

    Nancy McIntosh
    09/20/2019 Reply
  4. So so proud of you, Magda Nica! Your artistic jewelry creations are a touch to the heart and above all an imaginary journey that you undertake with courage and delicacy.

    09/21/2019 Reply

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