What are Majorica Pearls?

What are Majorica Pearls?
History :

Majorica pearls are handmade pearls from the island of Majorca in Spain, and they are well-known for their luxury, quality, and beauty. The formula for majorica pearls was made by a German immigrant named Eduardo Hugo Heusch in the 1890s.

How they are made :

Majorica pearls are made on solid glass balls with a special liquid, and then they are coated with small animal particles, including mussel, sand, and fish scales. The pearls are placed to be dried, and then they are polished up to 50 times before the ultraviolet process. They are covered with a particular heated thin layer to guarantee their quality, and as a result, the Majorica pearls are rigid, smooth, and rounded. The surface of Majorica pearls is very resistant compared to other pearls since heat, cold and chemical substances would not damage it. Usually, Majorica pearls can be found in necklaces and earrings, and it is considered luxury jewelry due to its popularity among rich, famous, and royal families.

The pearls come in the following colors:
  • White
  • Tahitian black
  • Grey
  • Nuage
  • Champagne
  • Pink
How do you clean Majorica pearls at home?

Taking care Pearls should be stored separately to avoid scratches. After wearing them, you should clean them with a soft cloth moistened with lukewarm water mixed with a mild soap. Rinse with another soft cloth dampened with clear water and dry with a third soft cloth before storing them.

To care for them properly,  wipe them with a soft cloth and store them separately from other jewelry that could scratch their surface. Never use harsh chemicals on the pearls, high heat, or steam. It is advisable to check that your pearls are strung securely and, if not, have them restrung as needed.

Can you wear pearls in water?

Pearls should never be submerged in water, as the silk string that binds a strand together will draw water into the drilled core of the pearl, depositing unwanted minerals and degrading the tightly-stacked layers of nacre.

Majorica Pearls vs. Real Pearls

Majorica pearls work on being perfect, and therefore, it can be harder to tell the difference between them and the real thing. However, Majorica pearls do have a few tells.

  • Majorica pearls are smooth and perfect, while natural pearls have some imperfections.
  • Majorica pearls feel glassy, while natural pearls have more of a texture when rubbed against tooth enamel.
Why buy these pearls?

Firstly, these pearls are cheaper than Natural Pearls. These Pearls are entirely man-made and in no way interfere with marine environments. This is an essential consideration because environmentally switched consumers are steering away from aquatic environments searching for softer pearl alternatives that leave no carbon sea-prints.

 Where can I buy Majorica Pearls?

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